Our Story...

Our story begins where your story begins. A God who speaks into a cosmic nothingness and creates a universe full of beauty, potential and energy. In the midst of this canvas, this God creates humanity and beckons them into a love relationship with him.

When they reject him, this God enacts a divine story of restoration, culminating in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, dying and rising to win humanity back. God pours out his Spirit on these followers of Jesus, and calls them to share, create and live the story of God in the world around them.

In 1896, a handful of men and women in Cambridge decided to gather weekly to share God's story with the community, to worship and enjoy God, and to bless those around them. Through challenges and adventures, hope and heartbreak, this gathering has grown to our current community at Raleigh Street Christian Centre.

Businessmen and women, architects and artists, musicians and stay-at-home-Mums, teachers, students, entrepreneurs and employees, retirees and babies - we are a gathering of ordinary people who love God, love hearing his story shared, and love the challenge of living fully alive with him.

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