Loving God, Loving Others

We are a community that is captivated by Jesus and his message of hope to a hurting world. We believe that God is interested in every sphere of life - and that He welcomes all people to find life in Jesus.
Everyone is welcome - all belong. 


In respect to our Sunday morning meetings, we will begin meeting online from now on.  Rather than coming to our physical premises this Sunday, please join us at 10 am for [email protected], a one-hour streamed church service you can participate in from your living room. 

To access the Live Stream video for the upcoming Sunday Service:

> Scroll over to the Stream Link (black image).
>> Push play on Sunday (red button).

At present (as on March 24th), we are closed until further notice during the nationwide lockdown. Please check back for any updates in four weeks' time.

You can read Elders Updates here.

LIVE STREAMING: Sunday Sermon 10am

Get ready to watch this Sunday's sermon with the direct video feed below!

What can we do during COVID-19?

Fill in one of the forms below, and we can help.

Need Help?

During this time, you may find yourself in need, or know of someone close to you who is in need due to COVID-19. Let us know in the form below, so that we can look into how we can help. 

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Offer Help

Are you in a position to help people in need over the coming months? There are many ways you can help, choose from the dropdown options when filling out the form below.

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Prayer Requests

If you have any prayer needs or encouragements to share, please let us know in the form below.
We'd love to join and support you with prayer; or encourage others during this time.

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What's On at Raleigh St

A recap of What's On this week at Raleigh Street Christian Centre.
Please note some events may be cancelled or postponed at short notice due to COVID-19, if you are in doubt, please contact us on 07 827 5794.

Our Current Sunday Series

Join us online with our current series, "Seeing Jesus Clearly", watch the upcoming sermon via the streaming link above, or catch up on the series by clicking through on the image below.


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