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Bible in Schools’ URGENT APPEAL 

**Your financial support is needed! **

We urgently need your help! Every week CEC opens the Bible with over 60,000 children in state primary schools throughout Aotearoa.

Our CRE & Champions programmes are active and growing, and we now have the opportunity to extend our influence into the Intermediate age group. CEC is currently developing an interactive pre-teen programme which we know will benefit children in this age group dealing with real issues such as bullying, peer pressure & identity.  

The CEC National Office support our people and programmes across the nation through the National Offices fundraising initiatives.

With your generous support, we were able to manage this well. 

Again, we need your help!

Since 2015, CEC has faced ongoing Legal costs due to the High Court case & Human Rights Tribunal proceedings. From the beginning, CEC made a strategic decision to join the proceedings and are committed to continuing down this path, advocating for Religious Instruction in schools. 

The same lobby group has filed a new review under the Human Rights Act 1993, and we need your support financially. We need your support in covering the legal costs that will occur due to this fresh review. 

Our urgent need is for an additional $40,000 to cover legal costs as a result of this fresh review under the Human Rights Act and the development of our interactive pre-teen programme.

Would you commit to supporting CEC with our upcoming legal costs and the development of our pre-teen curriculum?

Your generous support places value on and brings hope to the children of Aotearoa, the future of this nation. Thank you for partnering with us. Together we can do this.

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HOW TO DONATE: select the 'donate today' button above or deposit directly into 02-0560-0453446-00. If depositing into our account, please use your name as the reference and email heidi@cec.org.nz with your details for receipting purposes. All donations above $5 are tax deductible.

If you are already contributing financially, we are very grateful for your support and would really appreciate you committing to pray for CEC. Please share this letter with a couple of people you know. 

We value and appreciate your support.

God Bless,

Stephanie Sewell 

National Director 

P.S Here’s some feedback from our stakeholders…

“As a classroom teacher, the best thing for me was that I was not the only one teaching children morals. It was coming from someone else, who they really looked up to. I believe Life Choices has strengthened the messages we as teachers try to send our kids every day. I highly recommend this programme.”

(Classroom Teacher, South Auckland)  


“Life Choices is important, it teaches us different types of values like self-control and to show courage. It helped me not to tell lies. It teaches us skills that we can use to change our lives. Life choices makes us be better people”

(Year 4 Student, West Auckland School)

 An article from ‘Stuff’ yesterday relating to the latest development regarding the Secular Education Network’s case going to the High Court probably sooner than later.  The link is https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/education/104830875/bible-in-schools-case-fasttracked-to-high-court-could-be-heard-later-this-year                                            


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