Spring Festival

Saturday 29th September

Come on down to Raleigh Street on Saturday 29th of September to the Spring Festival!

We're supporting Dr Rebekah Lamb on her medical missions trip to Papua New Guinea where she will be serving for 2 years. It's going to be a great night, with lots of things for the family to get involved in, a way to learn more about where some of our people are going off to serve and we have a People Auction too! Bid your way to the top to support medical missions and get a great service too.

What's Happening:

Doors open 6pm, bring a gold coin for entry donation and cash or money to spend for food and the People Auction to bid on!

  • 6pm - Food and games for all the family (Sausage sizzle/ Hot Dogs / Tropical Fruit Sticks and heaps more!)
  • 7pm - Music Performances
  • 7.30pm - People Auction - Get ready to bid on some cool auctions!
  • 8pm - Medical missions interview and highlighting other missions
  • 8.15pm - More music performances

Fundraising Auction

We want people for their service, time or skills to auction off on the night.

If you can mow lawns, tutor lessons, donate your time for labour or DIY maintenance or even cook dinner for a family or babysit for a night.

We've already got some great people to auction the following off: A scenic flight for up to 3 passengers, a beach Bach weekend getaway in Pauanui, a custom-made themed cake made to order!

Get in touch with the office if you are keen to donate a service!

About Dr Rebekah Lamb and PNG

About Rebekah

Just wanted to let you know a little bit about myself, where I'm going, what I'll be doing and what this fundraiser is all about. 

I've been a GP at Leamington Medical Centre for a bit over two years, with a break the first six months of this year where I worked in Palmerston North Hospital as an Obsetrics Registrar to get more experience with delivering babies. I was brought up in PNG, living there from age 6 til 15, and that's a large part of why I went into medicine. I've always been keen to go back and work somewhere like PNG and had the opportunity to spend 7 weeks at a small hospital there last year. I'm heading back to the same hospital hopefully in November this year - the paperwork side of things (licenses, visas etc) has taken longer than anticipated! 

I'll be working as a medical doctor at Kudjip Nazarene Hospital, about 30 mins away from Mt Hagen in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. See http://nazpng.org/hospital/ for more info if you like. Its a mission hospital, but has recently become the provincial hospital for the newly formed Jiwaka Province. Its about a 120 bed hospital with medical, surgical, paediatric, maternity and TB wards. There are two surgeons and 4-6 medical doctors that cover everything but surgery - which is why I went to get a bit more obstetric experience! The hospital has it's own nursing and community health worker schools, and is getting more and more involved in training PNG doctors, especially in rural programme. 

Papua New Guinea is another world when it comes to health - there is one doctor for every 18,000 people, rather than 1 for about every 320 in New Zealand. What is particularly sad is the extremely high maternal and infant mortality rates - women in PNG have a 1 in 120 chance in dying over their lifetime in childbirth. Most women that you talk to in outpatients have lost at least one child before the age of 5, often more than one. Have a look at https://ddn08qcrrmr2y.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/ChildFund-report_A-national-health-crisis-maternal-deaths-in-Papua-New-Guinea-1.pdf for a little bit more info. The health system is also woefully underfunded. The hospital does receive some government funding, but the expat doctors are all volunteers, and need to cover their own costs of accommodation/living/travel etc. 

I am currently planning to leave in November, and have committed to at least a year but likely two. I'd be interested in working in the third world long term, but we will see how this goes. If you would like any more info about me or what Im doing I'm happy to have a chat, or you can have a look at my blog at doktarebekah.com.

I've been a part of Raliegh Street church since I moved to Cambridge, and they have been fantastic at supporting me through my last visit and for going back longer term. We've had lots of ideas for fund raisers, but Kath Lind has been thinking about a concert since I got back last year. It's morphed from the original idea, as we really wanted to have a fun, relaxed community night that was accessible to everyone. It's a gold coin entry, with food and drinks for sale from 6pm with games for the kids, and then a musical concert of up to eight different groups from the community so far. Within the concert we will have a people auction, with people volunteering their skills for a few hours. 


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