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Girl's Rally

Held on Thursdays (during the school term) from 6.30- 8.15pm, for Girls from 7-12 years old.

The aim of Every Girls’ Rally:

Every Girls Rally is an international uniformed Christian youth movement designed to help girls of today become worthy and useful citizens of tomorrow by providing a balanced spiritual, educational and physical programme.

We have lots of fun: games, crafts, badge earning, Bible Talk, memory verses and building friendships.  Come along and check us out.

Cost:  $1 per night per girl, up to a maximum of $2 per family. $7 per term if paid in advance,
Uniform: dark-coloured bottoms with a plain coloured top.

The New Zealand Rally Council publishes a quarterly magazine which is free for all members and they also publish the “Rally Handbook”. This explains in more detail the Rally organisation and has all the requirements for earning badges. These handbooks can be purchased at Rally for $5.

Angela Pullenger

What's on at Girl's Rally


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