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2018 Sermon - Light in dark places

Mental Health and the church

On two Sunday mornings (7th and 14th of Oct) and Tuesday evening (9th) we will be exploring the topic of mental health (primarily depression) and the church. We will be interviewing a number of people including members of our community who have had to wrestle with mental health, others who have walked alongside and medical professionals. There will be children's activities on each Sunday. The Tuesday night will include two panels (one of medical professionals) and there will be opportunity to ask questions of panelists during the evening. Incidence of anxiety/depression and mental health issues in general has increased in our current age but is no new phenomenon. Scriptures have numerous examples of cases and there is significant portions of lament throughout the word. The key text we will be exploring is from 1 Kings 19. From this we see a key biblical figure wrestling with the value of life and a gentle God who restores him slowly and graciously.


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