The Case for Christ

The Case for Christ Tivoli Theatre Thursday 20 September 8pm

Raleigh Street is hosting a screening of The Case for Christ at Tivoli Theatre on Thursday 22nd September. This screening is specifically targeted for you to bring your non Christian friends to. Seats are $12 each but any friends brought are free. Email the office (office@rscc.co.nz) or get tickets on Sunday at church. We plan for this to be the first of a number of screenings.

When: Thursday 22 November at 8pm

Where: Tivoli theatre

Details: Tickets at church on Sunday or email office. $12 per seat, free for non-Christian friends

Based on Lee Strobel's best selling book, this movie explores one mans journey into finding the truth about Jesus Christ. This is a great movie for introducing people to evidences for the person and work of Jesus Christ.

If you haven't seen the movie then you can borrow a copy. Email Jeremy Lind (jeremy@rscc.co.nz) to arrange. We will not now be showing the movie on Thursday the 13th at Raleigh Street.

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